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Our Enduroforce® spokesman – Jacques Aubin

jacques aubin

Jacques Aubin

We met Jacques at a sportsman’s fair, where our product immediately sparked his interest because it contains only four ingredients.
Jacques decided to put the product to three tests, all of which were very conclusive for him. Since then, ENDUROFORCE continues to impress him.

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Enduroforce® contains ONLY


Athletes taking GINSENG can train longer without risk of exhaustion.

Decreases the risk of cramps
Reduces heart rate
Improves lung function
Increases psychomotor performance
Increases attention and reflection
Gives a better reaction time to stimulus from sound
Contains several vitamins

Maple Syrup

MAPLE SYRUP is a super food which has anti inflammatory properties.

Contains 63 different antioxidants
Anti inflammatory properties
Facilitates the production of energy and metabolic cells
Helps with muscle developement and repair, helps with pain management and reduces the body’s sensitivity
Reinforces the body

Sea Buckthorn

SEA BUCKTHORN is often used in athletes drinks, even in certain official drinks used by Chinese athletes during the Seoul Olympic games.

General tonic for the organism
Exceptionally high content of Anti oxidants
Stimulates natural defenses
Very rich in vitamins (C,E,A,F,K,P) and vitamin B group


The level of protein in SPIRULINE is exceptionally favorable for increasing mass, but it is also very helpful for the oxygenation of the muscles

Contains 55% to 65% of proteins
Facilitates digestion and absorption
Healthy and effective Dietary supplement
Concentrated energy though it’s iron content
Helps oxygenate the muscles
Contributes to the functioning of the immune system
Helps to avoid nutritional deficiencies in athletes
Helps fight free radicals

Our ambassadors

Enduroforce ® is

Filled up on nutrients

to help you exceed, to maximise your endurance and tone your muscle mass.
Its assimilation is quick and provides support to your body.

Rich in

Anti oxidants
Essential amino acids

UNICADOSE® container

BPA free, recyclable, adapted format, convenient and easy to open.


caffeine free    •    taurine free    •   no preservatives    •    gluten free    •    dairy free    •    soya free    •    vegan    •    unicadose® bpa free